Welcome to my world

Heeeeello beautiful creatures! Welcome to my first post ever! Let me introduce myself again..My name is Chiara and I’m the usual 21 year old university student. I’m taking a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages and  although I was never that good in school I think this was one of the most enthusiastic choice of my life, I just looooove what I’m studying right now and uhmm..Actually this was one of the reasons why I decided to start a blog, I want to improve my english skills and “meet” people from all over the world, I hope. 🙂 But guys, do you wanna know what’s the main reason behind this blog?

Ok here it is..So I decided to open this blog because I fell in love with a place, the caput mundi…A place where luckily I was born and this place is called R(h)ome. To be honest, it wasn’t love at first sight, I think I took for granted this paradise for a looong time and I didn’t recognize its magnificence. Growing up, I started to be curious about the historical events mentioned at school (it was actually funny back then) and the places we visited (historical monuments, architectures and so on), slowly I found maaaagic!

Until now I am just so amazed by the beautiful things that Rome can offer, I can surely say that you never stop discovering this little paradise and this is what I wanna do with you all, let’s wander around this ancient city and explore its majesty!

I really hope you like my ideas and I’m so excited to keep in touch with you, so pleaaaase please leave some comments and feel free to suggest anything. Grazie e tanti baci! 😉


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