A walk (under the rain) through the Colosseo

Let’s start with a question..What would be the first place you visit here in Rome? Oh well, if it’s for me I’d answer in a very easy way…COLOSSEO (also known as  Flavian Amphitheatre).

The Colosseum is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city, it’s built of concrete and sand and it’sthe largest amphitheatre ever built. It was built by emperors of the Flavian Dynasty and was used to host gladiator shows as well as a variety of other activities.

The Colosseum is 1947 years of age, but it never gets old. Even if I live in Rome and I have walked by it a million times, sometimes I feel that I need a walk through this huge thing, it’s something that you will never get tire of even on a rainy day.


The Colosseo is quite near the Roman Forum, something that you can’t miss during your stay in Rome. The “Forum Romanum” is a rectangular plaza surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient buildings and it was originally an open market. This place is considerated the heart of archeological sites in the eternal city.

I personally enjoy this place everytime I visit it  because they never stop working on it so archeologists find always new relics and I just love how unpredictable this forum is.



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