Rome is obviously  one of the most visited cities in the world and at the top of many people’s bucket list. It has everything (almost) you’re looking for and sometimes you can have a really hard time on planning your itinerary.

In order to narrow your focus, here’s some tips on what to try to avoid once you’re in the Eternal City.

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Do not visit Rome without any historical knowledge. It’s better to know something about its past in order to appreciate everything because, let me say this, everything in Rome has a history.

Do not ever ever book your stay too far from the city. You might think to save some money, but transportation costs quite a lot and, sorry to say, it’s not that efficient.

Don’t buy tons of bottled water. Bring your own tumbler and refill it when needed in the little fountains called “nasoni”. You can find them in every corner!

Avoid restaurants in the centre of the city. They may look fancy and most of the times they offer a “tourist friendly menu” but I assure you the food you’ll taste has nothing to do with the real cibo italiano.

Do not wear high heels. Wear sneakers as much as you can because walking on the sanpietrini with a pair of high heels can be very annoying!

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Don’t look for any beaches. Nothing’s perfect so just do not look for a beach in Rome because you’ll be very disappointed.

Don’t order cappuccino on the afternoon. One thing to keep in mind is that, for Italians, cappuccino is considered a breakfast beverage. Ordering one on the after noon will seem odd to the barista.

Don’t splash in the fountains. Rome can be a tiring city, especially during summer, but you have to put away any idea about dancing barefoot inside the fountain like Anita and Marcello in “La dolce vita”, that was just in the movie!

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Don’t drive! All roads may lead to Rome, but unless you grew up there or have a death wish, don’t plan on renting a car to drive around the Eternal City. It’s chaotic madness out on those Roman streets.

Don’t ask for parmesan cheese. If you ask for some Parmesan on a plate of a seafood type pasta your waiter might be aghast. A good rule of thumb is to wait for the waiter to ask you if you’d like some cheese on your meal. If he offers, it’s appropriate. If he doesn’t, it’s not, just trust him!

But wanna know what’s the best thing to do in Rome or wherever you are? Just wander and get lost because you never know what’s waiting for you around the corner!


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